• Antique Door Headboard

Hey Followers! Thanks for checking in with us here in the studio. A few weeks ago I helped move Ms. 2nd Look Studio into a new house, and her existing headboard was simply too big to use in her smaller bedroom. Some would see that as a problem, but we saw it as an opportunity!

She explained that she wanted a chabby chic, antique, and custom look, using an architectural element that we could repurpose…. but built quickly and on a budget! With those details in mind we drove down Nolensville road to hunt through all of the antique stores during one weekend near the move,  and we scored the perfect old door to fit our design.

In 5 weeknights we transformed that beat-up, odd sized, old timer into this trendy and budget friendly piece. We has so much fun working on it that we decided to take pictures of the whole process so that you would be knowledgeable and inspired enough to build your own!

As my free time allows in the upcoming weeks I will be posting a five piece how-to tutorial to help you plan your time and budget accordingly. Be sure to check back here, or on our twitter page for updates. We are looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!



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  • Dual-ing_Piano_Bar_Concept

A few weeks ago we were contacted by some folks about a Bar Building Competition over at the Music City Festival & BBQ Championship that’s set to kick-off this weekend, August 24th & 25th. Never one to turn down a challenge to go head-to-head with other designers in a friendly display of creativity, we decided to submit a design concept and participate in the selection process.

Our entry, a tongue-in-cheek play on 2nd Look, pertains to something very familiar to visitors of lower Broadway: the dueling piano bar. Designed to be a modular bar that  has the ability to fold town into a compact size suitable for towing on a flatbed trailer ( for travelling to other BBQ Competitions, for easier storage when not in use, advertising, etc.), which we dubbed “The Dual-ing Piano Bar”. When open for business, bar hoppers and bystanders are treated to live entertainment, ample room for congregation,  an efficient work space for 1-2 employees, all built using sustainable materials.

While our playful, yet practical piano bar concept won’t be built during this weekend’s event,  we were selected as one of five finalists… an accomplishment that we are very proud of. Anyways, we wanted to share our design with everyone, and wish the two finalists competing this weekend good luck! To the organizers of the bar build, and everyone that we had the pleasure of meeting during the evaluation process, a sincere ‘thank you’ for the opportunity. We’ll be back next year!

What do you think of our idea? Will you be headed to the Music City Festival & BBQ Championship this weekend in downtown Nashville? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Lucille Ball

As of today, our new responsive website has been live for exactly a month! Since our last blog post was published on July 20th, we’ve been averaging (let’s see here, carry the 1…) a whopping one post a month. Yes, that is pathetic!

We at 2nd Look know that isn’t going to be enough posts to keep everyone out there satisfied, so during the last month we have been squirreling away some top notch content to roll out in the next few weeks. So what can you look forward to? We’ll be posting articles on an assortment of topics, from an open invitation to collaborate on Kickstarter projects, to a how-to tutorial for fabricating a bedframe using an antique door, everything will concentrate on what we know best: Design.

It’s going to be an exciting month, so please check back with us for regular updates!

Also, a shout out to Michael Wyatt for the incredible Lucille Ball vector image.

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  • 2nd Look Studio Launches New Website