• Lucille Ball

We’ve Got Some Explaining To Do! Design Blog Posts Coming Soon.

As of today, our new responsive website has been live for exactly a month! Since our last blog post was published on July 20th, we’ve been averaging (let’s see here, carry the 1…) a whopping one post a month. Yes, that is pathetic!

We at 2nd Look know that isn’t going to be enough posts to keep everyone out there satisfied, so during the last month we have been squirreling away some top notch content to roll out in the next few weeks. So what can you look forward to? We’ll be posting articles on an assortment of topics, from an open invitation to collaborate on¬†Kickstarter¬†projects, to a how-to tutorial for fabricating a bedframe using an antique door, everything will concentrate on what we know best: Design.

It’s going to be an exciting month, so please check back with us for regular updates!

Also, a shout out to Michael Wyatt for the incredible Lucille Ball vector image.

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